What Pinjaman Compare Is All About

Pinjaman Compare is a portal that educates, consults, and assists whoever which is looking for financial assistance. Financial assistance here means to obtain loan from the right organization or institution in Malaysia such as bank and money lender.

Throughout our online portal, we have successfully helped more than 23k applicants up to year 2019 to get their financial aids from the right lenders.
We dedicate ourselves to strengthen your financial knowledge by providing the up to date information such as Bank Negara rules & regulation, banks promotion and etc.

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Let Us Tell You How Pinjaman Compare Works

Pinjaman Compare analyse your application and submit to the related parties so that they can contact you and process the loan application.

Most of the people looking for the lowest interest rate personal loan, business loan, SME loan, housing loan, hire purchase loan and others. However, which of the bank or licensed money lender provides the best rate and the highest amount are the doubts.

By spending so much of time searching for the best rate lender, preparing different type of documents, answering so much audit call are exhausting. Pinjaman Compare could help you solve the problem with just single submission.

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Then submit your application today like what the previous 89,000 applicants had done (98% got their application approved).
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Why PinjamanCompare Can Help You?

There is no right or wrong to ask for help. When it comes to something not under your profession like comparing which is the best loan for your needs.

PinjamanCompare provides the insight of how banks & licensed money lender work, and are they charging the right rate and getting you the fairest terms & conditions over your application.

Indeed, you are reading the right notes “terms & conditions” here.

Tons of clauses on the agreement between you and the lender, and that document is prepared by the lender which it includes too many clauses that you need to understand well before proceed.

By using PinjamanCompare, we filter clauses and notify you on the T&C, so that you can make a smarter decision to choose the best fit lender.